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Razor sharp wit with a beautiful wife, a cute kid, and ALS. Founded A Life Story Foundation. I type with my EYES!


  • Pratik Sonu

    Pratik Sonu

    CEO in NIT Computer Education, Nepal. Mobile No:- +9779849164738.

  • Karen Kendrick Shuford

    Karen Kendrick Shuford

  • Alxi Ghale

    Alxi Ghale

  • Hidayatullah


    Hi, I am Hidayatullah. I've done Masters in Microbiology.I am a passionate writer and writing about Health and Fitness,Beauty of Nature, Life Style and Tourism.

  • Mahar Asif Fatyana

    Mahar Asif Fatyana

  • Richniques


    Owner of Tlab Projects. Co-Owner of SLKTRMUSICGROUP.COM. Consulting and creating a future. Expanding my mind. Currently in Toronto.

  • Aravinth


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